Seamless Money Transfer. Simple, Safe and Secure.

You can count on us to quickly, securely and smoothly move your money, across geographies, currencies and channels. Our innovative, technology-led financial solutions will help you safely transfer your money with ease and convenience.

Bank Account Transfer

Secure yet effortless, our bank transfer service enables you to transfer money to your beneficiary’s bank account anywhere across the world. We have partnered with over 100 reputed banking institutions around the world, to reach out and be accessible to customers worldwide. Our wide network of banks covering the entire expanse of the globe and advanced state-of-the-art technology ensures that the money reaches the beneficiary’s bank account fast and safe.


FLASHremit represents the next level of bank transfer. This real-time bank transfer service enables you to send money instantly to your loved one’s bank account. Transfer of money is swift with both the sender and the beneficiary receiving an SMS notification, once the beneficiary’s account is credited.

Account Credit

We also offer regular bank transfer services through which you can send money to your beneficiary’s bank account.

Instant Money Transfer

Sending money to your family and friends spread across the world can now be fast and hassle-free. Money transfers can be done within minutes through cash payout at various agent outlets located across the globe or through account payout in select countries. For this service, we have partnered with the best instant money transfer providers under one roof.

Xpress Money

Xpress Money is a leading global instant money transfer service with over 200,000 agents across 170+ countries, offering cash transfer, wallet top up and account credit services, to ensure your money reaches your beneficiaries instantly. This strong network of instant money transfer agents makes sending and receiving money highly convenient for both you and your beneficiary.

Western Union

With over 494,000 agent locations worldwide, Western Union gives your beneficiaries easy access to cash payout points. You can also credit money to your beneficiary’s bank account.

Note: Account credit transfer is available for select countries. Please visit your nearest Unimoni branch for details.


Send money to any desired destination across the world, in minutes, using MoneyGram service at Unimoni. The service is available in more than 200 countries, in approximately 350,000 locations, and is trusted by millions of customers around the world.


Receive money conveniently in the form of cash pick-ups from over 50 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. Offering competitive online money transfers, WorldRemit makes the whole remittance process quicker, easier and more secure.

Small World

Send and receive money from anywhere across the world in a secure, fast and inexpensive way. Small World offers a wide range of payment options – from bank account transfers, to cash pick-ups and mobile wallet top-ups.

Salabed (MoneySwift)

Transact via Salabed, the leading, reliable remittance service platform, which offers safe and convenient way to receive money within minutes, from the UK.

Mobile Money Transfer


Unimoni has tied up with M-PESA, a leading mobile money transfer service provider, to enable simple and convenient mobile money transfers. Walk into the nearest Unimoni branch to send money to your loved one’s M-PESA account in Kenya. Funds will be transferred to the beneficiary’s mobile wallet linked to their respective mobile number on a real-time basis.

Feature of M-PESA account:

  • Mobile wallet credits will take place within maximum turnaround time of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • 24x7 service to all customers.
  • Transaction confirmation SMS will be delivered to both the sender and receiver immediately upon credit.