We, as an exchange company operating in the State of Qatar, believe that, we have a huge responsibility to ensure that our business is in line with the applicable laws and regulations in Qatar. Transferring funds between customers (individuals/corporates) is one of the most sensitive businesses in the world as any lack of compliance with the regulations against money laundering and/or terrorist financing can cause crimes against life. Also, it may affect the economic situation of some countries. Unimoni recognizes its obligation and responsibility to prevent, detect and deter any efforts of money laundering and terrorism financing.

We always try to provide the best customer service to our customers, however, compliance with regulations against money laundering and/or the financing of terrorists is of paramount importance. It is our obligation and commitment to join hands with governments, regulators, law enforcement agencies, international organizations and other financial services organizations to close off any financial channels of money launderers and terrorist organizations.

It is important to recognize, individually as well as collectively, that the threats posed by money laundering and terrorism financing are real and of high gravity. We are implementing best practices to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing. Also, we have designed our polices to maintain the highest operating standards to ensure that the interest of its customers, shareholders, employees and the communities at large is safeguarded, and money laundering and terrorist financing is prevented.

By conducting business with due diligence, highest standards and skill, Unimoni always seek to comply with laws, rules and regulations both in letter and spirit.

We expect co-operation from our valued customers to ensure compliance with the regulations against money laundering and/or terrorist financing.

General Manager / Executive Management

Floyd Johny