The Terms and Conditions set forth herein governs all transactions between Unimoni K.K. ("the Company", which expression shall include its successors and assignees) in Japan and the persons (“the Customer”, which expression shall include an individual, or firm, company, corporation, government, state or agency of a state or any association or partnership, whether or not having separate legal personality; collectively, “Corporation”), transacting with the Company.

The Customer by appending signature on the transaction voucher shall constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein, as amended from time to time. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to each and every Customer irrespective of any special conditions agreed by the Customer in relation to any specific services.

  1. EXPRESS ELECTRONIC TRANSFER is the fund transfer service ("the Service") provided by the Company, based on the request and payment made by the Customer, shall mean the act of the Company to issue payment instructions to deposit the stipulated funds into the deposit account of the beneficiary in the partner financial institution of the Company or in any other financial institution ("Partner Financial Institution") in a foreign country as designated by the Customer, or if the Customer so instructs, to pay out the stipulated funds to the designated beneficiary at the locations accredited by Xpress Money.
  2. The Customer shall register as a registered member of the Company by providing necessary information:
    • Term of contract: Perpetual;
    • Cancellation during term of contract: The Customer can request the Company for termination of its membership at any time. No penalty charge shall be levied for cancellation of the contract.
  3. Deposit of funds shall be made in cash by the Customer at any branch of the Company, or through the remittance to the bank account by the Customer, which is designated by the Company.
  4. The Service shall be processed in 1 (one) hour when the beneficiary receives funds at locations of accredited agency, and in 2 (two) business days when the fund is deposited into the deposit account of the beneficiary.
  5. The maximum amount per remittance for the Service shall be one (1) million yen, (as per Japan's Payment Services Act). Any remittance exceeding the maximum amount limit will not be executed. The applicable maximum remittance amount shall be the lower of the two amounts in case of difference in limit at the destination country. The total remittance amount per day to the same beneficiary shall not exceed one (1) million yen. Certain remittance transactions will not be executed due to procedures required by the Company and/or of its Partner Financial Institutions.
  6. Fees associated with the Service shall be as follows:
    • Remittance fee: 9,000 yen or less per remittance (Note: it is different according to a country, area distinction, a remittance amount of money);
    • Remittance Receipt Handling Fee: 1,000 yen per customer request in issuing the receipt and sending it to the registered home address.
    • Enquiry, change or cancellation and refund fee: 2,000 yen per enquiry, change, or cancellation and refund. The fee amount mentioned above may reduce the charge during some campaigns, the details of which will be posted at the branch and on a website accordingly and also notified to the Customer before the Customer avails of the service. In case of any difference in fees mentioned here and the fees posted at the branch and on a website, the latter shall prevail. In addition to this, the bank transfer service fee may be charged when the Customer remits funds to the bank account designated by the Company.
  7. The exchange rate to be applied shall be determined as calculated by multiplying the exchange rate, which is preset at almost occasional every 5 (five) minutes by UAE Exchange Centre LLC, by the Company's spread (the Company has set between 0.5 and 2% as its spread).
  8. If there is any doubt arising from the remittance transaction, such as if the remitting funds have not been paid to the beneficiary after the remittance request, the remitter is to immediately make an enquiry to the branch from where the remittance was made or to the Customer Service Center stipulated in Article 28 of these Terms and Conditions. In this case, the Company shall investigate the matter by enquiring with the Partner Financial Institution and shall report the results to the remitter. The Company may request submission of the request form prescribed by the Company in order to accept an enquiry.
  9. The Company or its agents shall not be held liable for the loss, mutilation or dishonour of a cheque or other instrument or for the failure to credit, late presentation, and granting time, any delay in crediting the Account or non-payment and return of cheques or other instruments.
  10. The Company shall not be liable to the Customer for any loss, damage or delay attributable in whole or part to action by any government or government agency or other force majeure including, without limitation, strikes, industrial action, equipment failure or interruption of power supplies provided that the Company shall endeavor to give notice generally to the Customer of any anticipated delays by notice in its branches.
  11. Neither failure by the Company to exercise, nor any delay by the Company in exercising any rights or remedy shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy prevent any further or other exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right or remedy. The rights and remedies herein provided are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.
  12. Each of the provisions herein are severable and distinct from the others and, if one or more of such provisions is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected in any way.
  13. Any demand or communication made by the Company shall be in writing and made at the correspondence address of the Customer indicated in the transaction slip (or such other address as the Customer shall notify the Company in writing from time to time) and shall be deemed to have been served on the date of posting. The Customer shall advise the Company without delay of any change in address and/or in the documents submitted to the Company.
  14. These Terms and Conditions create legally binding obligations on the Customer that do not contravene other contractual or legal obligations of the Customer.
  15. In accordance with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds and other related laws and ordinances (hereinafter “the Law”; including administrative directives, principles, policies and guidelines from relevant concerned authorities that the Company normally must comply with), the Company shall perform the required KYC operations and shall maintain records on the remitter. The Company shall perform KYC operations by means of, among other things, requesting submission of the KYC documents. If any doubt arises concerning the registered information or if there is suspicion that a non-member is attempting to impersonate a member, the Company shall request re-submission of the KYC documents in order to perform KYC operations again. If the person is registered as a member with the Company, and if there are changes to the reported matters or in cases deemed necessary by the Company’s rules or related laws and ordinances, the Company may request re-submission of the KYC documents.
  16. The Company may cancel any overseas remittance transaction if the KYC of the preceding paragraph have not been completed, even if the application for said transaction has been approved.
  17. In addition to the two preceding articles, the Company may cancel any overseas remittance application if the Company has not completed KYC operations or if it has determined that the KYC operations will likely not be completed.
  18. The Company will not execute any transactions whatsoever for requesters that are deemed as belonging to an anti-social force. The Company will not respond to violent demands or to undue claims that exceed its statutory liability, made by anti-social forces (Boryokudan [organized crime group], Boryokudanin [member of Boryokudan], Boryokudan jun koseiin [quasi-member of Boryoukudan], Boryokudan kankei kigyou [companies linked to an organized crime group], Sokaiya [corporate racketeers], shakai undo, hyobo goro [forces engaging in criminal activities whilst claiming to be social movements], or tokushu chino boryoku shudan [crime groups specialized in intellectual crime]). In addition, if the Customer is deemed to be a member of an anti-social force or makes an undue claim after the start of the transaction, the Company may cancel the applicable contract and exclude said customer from future transactions.
  19. The Complaint processing measures and dispute resolution measures stipulated in the Payment Services Act shall be as follows.
    • Complaint processing measure:
      Japan Payment Service Association /Tel.03-3556-6261
    • Dispute resolution measures:
      Tokyo Bar Association Dispute Resolution Center /Tel.03-3581-0031
      Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center /Tel.03-3595-8588
      Daini Tokyo Bar Association Arbitration Center /Tel.03-3581-2249
  20. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan along with the applicable laws where the branch of the Company is located. Any claim or dispute arising from the relationship between the Company and the Customer or otherwise shall be subject to the jurisdiction of civil courts of the location at which the branch is situated, but without prejudice to the Company's general right to take proceedings, where necessary, in any court whatsoever.
  21. The Company may provide personal information or transaction-related information ("Customer Information") obtained from the Customer to business process outsourcers, including the Company's branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents or Partner Financial Institutions (including parties situated outside of Japan) for storage or management and within the necessary scope of executing the Company's business operations for other transactions. If the Company is requested to submit Customer Information under law or ordinance, by court proceedings or from legal procedures or by a government organization, the Company shall comply with such a request.
    The handling of Customer Information shall be in accordance with the laws of Japan concerning the Protection of Personal Information and the guidelines issued for finance sector along with the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions.
  22. The Customer hereby consents that the Company shall jointly use the Customer Information collected with its Partner Financial institutions, group and/or its' affiliates, associates, for the purpose of processing the transaction requested by the Customer and or for the purpose of compliance, risk management, internal audits and other internal controls.
    The following Customer Information shall be put to joint use: (i) Name and address; (ii) Place of work and address; (iii) Business title; (iv) Contact details (phone number, fax number, and email address); (v) Bank Account information; (vi) Transaction details; (vii) Any other information required to achieve the purposes mentioned above.
    In case the Customer is a Corporation, it shall ensure that its representatives whose Customer Information is provided to the Company consent to the terms of this paragraph in advance of the provision of his/her Customer Information.
  23. The Company reserves the right to change any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Any such changes shall be notified to the Customer via postal mail, on bulletin boards at the Company’s branch offices, or on a website. Each change shall be notified to the Customer at least seven (7) days before such change(s) takes effect. Any transaction made after the date of the change shall be subject to the new Terms and Conditions.
  24. Publication of change by such means as the Company may consider appropriate will constitute effective notice to the Customer.
  25. If a part of the services the Company provides to the Customer are assigned or outsourced to a third party, including a member of the UAE Exchange Group, the Company shall notify the Customer at least thirty (30) days in advance via postal mail, on bulletin boards at the Company’s branch offices, or on a website. In this case, the Company shall continue to assume responsibilities to the Customer for any recoverable loss or damage suffered by the Customer as a result of such third party’s negligence, infringement or non-performance. Furthermore, the Company shall demand such third party to comply with the confidentiality obligations equivalent to that of the Company concerning Customer information.
  26. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws for the time being in force or which shall be in force in the future in Japan where the Company’s branch is operating.
  27. The Company is a registered funds transfer service provider based on the Payment Services Act (Act of No.59 of 2009), and the funds transfer transaction is not a funds transfer transaction carried out by a deposit taking Institution. The Company does not accept deposits, savings or installment savings (installment savings as stipulated in Article 2-4 of the Banking Act). The Service provided by the Company is not subject to the payment of insurance claims stipulated under Article 53 of the Deposit Insurance Act or in Article 55 of the Agricultural and Fishery Cooperatives Savings Insurance Act. In order to ensure the safety of the Customer assets relating to the Service, the Company has provided a Performance Security Deposit as prescribed in the Payment Services Act (Act of No.59 of 2009). The Particulars of which are as stated below;
    Depositee: Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau
    When refund of the performance bond is necessary, the right of claim for the refund of the performance bond shall be retained by the remitter.
  28. The following contact shall respond to consultations or complaints in Japan:
    Unimoni K.K. Address: Park West 7F, 6-12-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    Tel. 03-6304-5233
    E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    The above contact also accepts consultations or complaints regarding overseas business process outsourcing.

    Director General of the Kanto Finance Bureau No.00031
    Member of the Japan Payment Service Association
    Unimoni K.K 



  1. EXPRESS ELECTRONIC TRANSFERとは、当社が提供する資金移動サービス(「以下、本サービス」といいます)であり、送金依頼人の委託に基づき、当社が、送金依頼人の指定する外国にある当社の提携金融機関または他の金融機関(以下、「提携金融機関」とします)にある受取人の預金口座に一定額を入金するための支払い指図を提携金融機関に対して発信すること、あるいは、顧客の指図により、Xpress Money が認めた場所において顧客が指定した受取人に一定額を支払うことをいいます。
  2. 顧客は、当社の会員として必要な情報が登録されます。
  3. 資金の入金は、当社国内営業所の店頭における現金の手渡し、または当社が指定する銀行口座への振込によって行います。
  4. 本サービスの標準処理期間は、受取人の店頭における現金受取の場合は、送金資金受付後1時間、受取人の預金口座への振込の場合は、送金資金受付後2営業日とします。
  5. 本サービスの1回の送金上限額は、資金決済に関する法律に定められた上限額である100万円とし、当該上限金額を超える送金は行いません。但し、送金相手国の法令等により送金上限額に制限がある場合は何れか低い方の金額を送金上限額とします。同一の受取人に対して1日にできる送金金額の合計は100万円までとします。なお、当社及び提携金融機関の手続により、一部取扱ができない場合があります。
  6. 手数料については以下の通りとします。
    • 送金手数料・・・1回あたり9000円以下で、国・地域別、送金金額別に異なる。
    • 領収書の発行ならびに自宅あてに発送を希望される場合、手数料として 1回あたり1000円
    • 照会・変更・組戻し手数料・・・1回あたり2000円
  7. 送金の受付にあたり、送金資金を送金通貨と異なる通貨により受領する場合に適用する為替レートは、UAE Exchange Center LLCが概ね5分間隔で随時設定した為替レートに当社スプレッド(0.5~2%の範囲内で当社が設定)を上乗せすることにより決定したレートを使用するものとします。
  8. 送金依頼人は、送金依頼後に受取人に送金資金が支払われていない場合など、送金取引についての疑義があるときは、すみやかに取扱店または本約款第28条に定める連絡先・カスタマーサービスセンターに照会してください。この場合には、当社は、提携金融機関に照会するなどの調査をし、その結果を送金依頼人に報告します。なお、照会等の受付にあたっては、当社所定の依頼書の提出を求めることもあります。
  9. 当社またはその代理店は、小切手またはその他の手形類の損失、損傷、不渡りに対して、あるいは入金の不履行、提示遅延、認証時間、口座振込の遅れあるいは小切手またはその他の手形類の滞納および返送における責任は負わないものとします。
  10. 当社が自社の支店内で広く通知を行うことによって、予想される遅延を顧客に知らせる努力を行うことを前提として、政府または政府系機関によるデモ、もしくはストライキ、抗議行動、機器の不具合もしくは停電などを含む不可抗力が理由の全部または一部となる損失、損害または遅延について、当社は顧客に対する責任を負わないものとします。
  11. 当社によるいかなる権利または救済の不履行またはかかる権利または救済の実施の遅れは、いずれも本取引条件の権利放棄として捉えられるものではなく、権利または救済の中の一つまたは部分的な実施によって本取引条件以上またはそれ以外の実施もしくはその他の権利または救済の実施を妨げるものではありません。本取引条件で定められている権利および救済は追加的なものであり、法律によって定められたいかなる権利または救済を排除するものではありません。
  12. 本取引条件の各条項は分離し、それぞれ他とは区別されており、かかる条項の一つ以上が違法、無効、施行不能となった場合でも残りの条項はいかなる影響も受けません。
  13. 当社による要求または伝達は、取引伝票に記載される顧客の連絡先住所(または顧客が随時当社に通知するその他の住所)宛てに書面によりなされ、当該書面が投函された日において当社による要求又は伝達が行われたものとみなします。顧客は住所等当社に提出した書類の記載事項に変更があった場合には、それを遅滞なく当社に届出るものとします。
  14. これらの諸条件は顧客を法的に拘束する義務を生じさせますが、かかる義務は顧客のその他の契約上または法的な義務と矛盾するものではありません。
  15. 当社は、「犯罪による収益の移転防止に関する法律」その他の関係法令(以下、「法令等」といい、当社が通常、遵守を求められる関係官庁の行政指導、指針、政策およびガイドライン等も含みます。)にしたがって、必要な取引時確認を行い送金依頼人として登録を行います。当社は、取引時確認資料等の提出を求める等の方法により取引時確認を行います。 登録情報に疑義が生じた場合や会員以外の者が会員になりすましている疑いが生じた場合は、取引時確認のため取引時確認資料等の再提出を求めます。当社に会員として登録された場合、届出事項に変更等がある或いは当社規定および関連法令等で当社が必要と認めた場合は、取引時確認資料等の再提出を求めることがあります。
  16. 当社は、海外送金取引の申込を承諾した場合であっても、前項による取引時確認が完了しない場合、これを撤回することができるものとします。
  17. 前2条の場合に加え、当社は取引時確認が終了しないか、または完了しないおそれがあると判断した場合は、海外送金取引の申込を拒絶し、承諾を撤回できるものとします。
  18. 当社は、反社会的勢力と判断される依頼者とは一切の取引を行いません。 当社は、反社会的勢力(暴力団、暴力団員、暴力団準構成員、暴力団関係企業、総会屋、社会運動標榜ゴロ、特殊知能暴力集団等)の暴力的な要求行為や法的責任を超えた不当な要求には応じません。また送金申込時、顧客に自らが反社会的勢力の構成員でないことを宣言させ、取引開始後に、顧客が反社会的勢力と判断される場合や不当要求が行われた場合、予告なく当該契約を解除してその顧客を取引から排除できることとします。
  19. 資金決済に関する法律に定める苦情処理措置および紛争解決措置は以下のとおりとします。
    • 苦情処理措置:
      一般社団法人日本資金決済業協会 電話:03-3556-6261
    • 紛争解決措置:
      東京弁護士会紛争解決センター 電話:03-3581-0031
      第一東京弁護士会仲裁センター 電話:03-3595-8588
      第二東京弁護士会仲裁センター 電話:03-3581-2249
  20. これらの諸条件は当社の支店所在地において適用される法律および日本法に準拠し、これに従って解釈されるものとします。当社とその顧客またはその他との間で生じた申し立てや紛争はいずれも支店所在地の地方裁判所の管轄となりますが、これは当社が必要に応じていずれかの裁判所において訴訟を起こすための一般的な権利を侵害するものではありません。
  21. 当社は、顧客から得た顧客の個人情報または取引に関わる情報(以下、「顧客情報」といいます。)を、当社の本支店、子会社、関連会社、代理人または提携金融機関等の業務委託者(いずれも海外に所在する者も含みます。)に対し、顧客情報の保存管理、その他取引に係る当社の業務遂行上必要な範囲で提供することができるものとします。 当社は、法令等、裁判手続その他の法的手続または政府機関の要請により顧客情報の提出を要求された場合は、その要求に従うことができるものとします。
  22. 本取引条件により、顧客は、顧客により申込まれた送金を実行する目的の範囲内、及びコンプライアンス、危機管理、内部監査その他内部統制の目的の範囲内において、当社が提携金融機関、グループ及び関連会社、アソシエイツと顧客情報を共同使用することを承諾します。
    この場合、1) 氏名・住所、2)勤務先・勤務先住所、3)肩書、4)連絡先の詳細(電話番号、FAX番号、及びE-mailアドレス)、5)銀行口座情報、6)送金内容、7)その他上記目的を達成するために必要な情報が共同使用に供されます。
  23. 当社は本諸条件のいずれに対しても変更する権利を有します。顧客には、郵送または当社の支店における掲示ないしインターネット上のウェブサイトにおける掲示によって変更が通知されるものとします。変更の通知は変更日の7日前までに顧客に対して行うものとします。変更日以後は変更後の取引条件が適用されるものとします。
  24. 当社が適切であると考える手段での変更の公表により、顧客に対する有効な通知がなされたものとします。
  25. 当社が顧客に提供する業務内容の一部を、UAE Exchangeグループの他のメンバーを含む第三者に譲渡または委託する場合、30日以上前までに顧客に対し、郵送または当社の支店における掲示ないしインターネット上のウェブサイトにおける掲示によって通知するものとします。当社はかかる第三者の過失、違反、不履行の結果、顧客が被る、もしくは顧客が受ける回収可能な損失または損害について、顧客に対する責任を引き続き負うものとします。また、当社はかかる第三者に当社と同様の程度で顧客情報についての機密を保持することを要求します。
  26. これらの諸条件は、日本国内における法律に準拠し、かかる法律に従って解釈されるものとします。
  27. 当社は、資金決済に関する法律に基づき登録を受けた資金移動業者であり、当社が行う送金は、銀行等が行う為替取引ではありません。
    供託先 東京法務局
  28. 国内の相談・苦情に応じる連絡先を次の通りとします。
    住所 東京都新宿区西新宿6丁目12番1号パークウエスト7階
    電話番号 03-6304-5233
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    関東財務局長 第00031号 (一社)日本資金決済業協会会員