Make every transaction count. Are you a merchant looking to sell online or upgrade your e-commerce business?

We can help build your online business by simplifying, accelerating and transforming your payment ecosystem. Harness our payment aggregation solutions to ease domain booking, space hosting, web design, search engine optimisation and paid-search marketing. Secure and convenient, we provide a single interface payment gateway to merchants and multiple payment options to customers.

We understand the gap between a customer making a booking and completing a transaction. Our real-time alerts for abandoned transactions enable you to immediately connect with customers and work with them to take these final steps to become a customer.

Our advantages

  • Lowest drop-out rates
  • Fastest check-out time
  • Widest range of payment options
  • Best-in-class pricing

Key features

  • Single gateway for all payments
  • Multiple access modes
  • Savings on infrastructure
  • Instant payment alerts
  • Non-mandatory merchant account
  • T+2 day fund settlement
  • Overnight integration
  • Pre-integrated shopping carts
  • Dropped transaction tracking
  • Real time MIS and in-depth analytics
  • Automated reconciliation

Mitigate online transactional risks by leveraging our robust risk management system. Our exclusive in-house fraud detection feature and data encryption ensure complete protection of customer information.

For additional security we are PCI-DSS and VeriSign certified and are verified by Visa and MasterCard secure code.

Analytics and intelligence
Drive more business and minimise customer dropouts. Derive unique insights about your customers and their spending habits by leveraging our customer analytics and intelligence service.

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